Open Call for Writing

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Critics, theorists, linguists, translators, poets, teachers and students,  Altpoetics is calling for all those bits of poetic musings which tend to have no place on poetry blogs or in the vast amount of poetry journals/zines.

Altpoetics is looking for manifestos, mission statements, process pieces and any theory on poetics/poetry, language and translation.   This is the place to voice all those odd and innovative ideas about writing.  This site can also be a place to dig into older theories (as new tends to sprout from old) but really, there’s no need to continue to sing the praises of decades old manifestos.  Let this be the place to voice your own ideas. The future is yours to create.

Altpoetics isvery interested in writing as a response to other writing/writers.  Letters to the past and poems re-visioned/re-imaged are also of great interest.

Altpoetics is also looking for slipstream work -writing which shows innovation or a new/different approach.   Altpoetics is especially desirous of work which pushes the limits of the lyrical narrative.

Please send 2000 words or less in a .doc attachment to  (Previously published material is welcome.)  Also, please title the piece and send a short bio within the attachment.  And, a cover letter is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Open Call for Writing

    Anthony Conwright said:
    March 24, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Thank you for reading “Ode to Today” I was curious as to whether or not it is still possible to submit a piece of writing to you for response. Also, if the piece is located on my blog, is it possible to post the response on the blog or is your response only suitable for the eyes of the author?

      kjpgarcia responded:
      March 24, 2013 at 2:48 pm

      You can submit something to and I will read it and decide to post it or not. Anything I post on the site should feel like it can stand alone. It can function as both a response/insight while also being able to hold its own as a singular piece. As for pieces which have been previously posted, it doesn’t matter to me. I want to post good thoughtful writing about writing regardless of whether or not it is ‘new.’ In other words, send what you have.

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