For Curious Matter

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For Curious Matter


Tim Keane

habit re-

habit’s the body’s
political regime


science is
like sculpture
or sex,


any ‘ordinary’
by restoring
forgotten contact
and elapsed perception

and exciting depths
of unsafe speculation
and in that luxury
of twilight
making solid paramours
of our curious matter

till habitual illusions
like heaven, or home,
fix fictive securities
and possession reaffirms
control over matter

and then the mind,
restarts its chronic
rehearsing again

and again and

again we ignore
bizarre daily amenities
in the clump of muck,

and turn our nose
from the durian
and the gutted skate,
and the bloated trunk
of the deciduous,
and the serrated colors
of the shattered lantern,
and the white rapture
in the unsold sunup.

Tim Keane’s poetry and articles have appeared in Modern Painters, Evergreen Review, Hyperallergic Weekend, Jacket, Poetry New Zealand, CV2, Mudlark, and other magazines. His first book of poems is Alphabets of Elsewhere (Cinnamon Press, 2007). He lives in New York City.

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