Two Poems by George J. Farrah

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Two Poems
George J. Farrah


You can walk along side it

on a front of a wall cloud

moving through a town

you can move up to it on a

short sighted path longer

then imagined and colder someone

somewhere answered then

and went back


a forest is a lobby

a tree a sandwich

a border a forest

every thought a town a possibility    of

something someone or somewhere where

pneumonia takes you         or venom cures

you or a peninsula of any waiting at all

this is a deserted border

this is also a secure border and

you must move this is just so and

no one knows

  why really no matter what they say

  and well advanced 20 feet to know so

  or not know so

now everyone said and everyone

voted coming to an end like this

sill feels so new

this is a reparation

and a variation and yet a

captioned city

 flying of buttresses
over my wall I was sheltered shuddering
considering but happy
to see the spark of the back
flowering rung up & down
the arms legs and chest
brightest stitching of the
hottest flesh
in the valley of
against points of
burning trees or cars
or crows
it is even a world
it is always a word
and your are always lost to it at
the sense of accuracy is
challenged in the
mediums of water &
 to quit his or
her   time to
cry out
no salt no time
and no visors
they must leave and find a
new home now
I will cross
your words
again and begin.


George J. Farrah received an MFA from Bard College, NY.
Book forthcoming from Ravenna Press, The Low Pouring Stars
His work has appeared in The Washington Review, Open 24 Hrs., Ribot,
BUGHOUSE, Fourteen Hills, Disturbed Guillotine, Tight, Aileron, Fish Drum, The Columbia Poetry Review; Caldron And Net, Moria , CROWD, Xstream, MORIA, Ampersand, Elimae, Blaze VOX, BHOuse vol.2, Blue and Yellow Dog,
Experiential-Experimental Literature, Los Magazine, Anemone Sidecar, truck,
Counter Example, Altered Scale and others.

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