Huff and Hive by Brad Liening

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Brad Liening

            after JG

Blunt jumble at the energy audit

Burns down the concept of home.

I take grim control of my financial future.


Stiff competition lurks

In the background shadows of a new plague

Ready for its ideally sensational debut.


People line up for bleedings

And hail the dynamic pricing index.


I’ve got a surefire ticket for gerund mobilization.

It requires fanciful accoutrements

Wadded into your tablet’s


Expensive protective case.

Feel your team in your tame bones

And ignite your career with this one easy step.



 Critics turn up furnaces

For go-to grandmas and

Pack ammo-rich urns

Burning up the provinces.


An evil display of tact

Crawls over the stars

And pushes kids to peddle

Sleek vocational promises


In a city gone crazy

For interactive shorts

Blurting a bunch of huff

And fiddling for lift-off.


I was told of a future

For everyone one of us;

Recession hit centipedes

Promise fist up narcissists.


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