Two Poems by Wayne Mason

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Two Poems


Wayne Mason

Automation, Man (Bold Machines)




singularity, sometimes free

much more impossible.)

Machines are on

conceptual                      revolution,

Industrial natural rhythms

(obvious networks)


  music, beyond


Navigating both


ego of skin





Evolution Art Violence

Minds spurt

of    enhanced

dreaming,     crackling of eternity

(I think so, more amazing machines)

The rearrangement of art

and liberation           violence

and  unlearning of boundaries

We are contradictory while

we are contradictory while

we are contradictory

Arbitrary rules of art and

learning of  life

Contradictory while we explode


Retool exploitation for

the sake of possibilities

Here now…… We start with consciousness


Poetic Statement:

When I was much younger I aspired to change the world. Now years later, my work stems from a desire to change myself by exploring my own internal terrain. In the end the strangest, most profound journey is not the one outward, but the one inward through my own psychic landscapes.

Wayne Mason is a writer and sound artist from Central Florida. His words have appeared across the small press in magazines both print and online. He is the author of five chapbooks. and is the former poetry editor for Side Of Grits, and The Tampa Bay Muse. Wayne Mason has also been active in experimental music for nearly twenty years. He records ambient, experimental and noise sounds, formerly under the name of Zilbread, and is also a founding member of the experimental/noise project Stickfigure and electronic duo Blk/Mas.

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