goe jus in verdana by Catherine Edmunds

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goe jus in verdana


Catherine Edmunds

go, sulky baobab; benbecula comes.

if daleks entreat, or cover this lampland,

and if they should walk in twos down the flume,

then jaffa will squeeze extra jus in verdana,

and none shall be ever in shade again.


wotan’s doppelganger languishes in gaol

with cajun cake, a drab pound of kitsch.

ezekiel asks:

‘and if elfin, if doubly quick, the north idle sea?

what if, in holy waikiki?’


‘deaf john, I only attend the end here in keld.’


the djinn munches salad.

I ask and he hands me a codfish of bluebells.

‘silk dhow, how goes it?’

he smiles and lurches

angora and galen.


I woo you in look, double juice,

and keith, oh keith, jokes and hands me his hope.


a sad one is adept and fickle.

play, you oligarchs!

delia, loki, don’t run away

but vamoose, babushka, vamoose.


all pomp.

the clippers fade and return wallish walls,

trying to sail from crayon to heliotrope –

lipid hyena, oily as death.

long-lost-gone-wronged, sodden regardless

now reaping reward

flailing southwards

and ever


goe jus in verdana.



Poetic Statement

I write novels, but sometimes I cut-cut-cut the words until I end up with poems; distillations of story compacted into reflective shapes.


Prolific writer and artist Catherine Edmunds has more than 450 published works to her name. Solo works for Circaidy Gregory Press include the poetry collection ‘wormwood, earth and honey’; the magical realism novel ‘Small Poisons’ – a contemporary tale for Midsummer Night’s dreamers; and ‘Serpentine’, which explores what happens when art doesn’t only reflect life but is life itself. Her latest novel is ‘Bacchus Wynd’, an intense tale of personal re-invention set in North-East England. http://www.freewebs.com/catherineedmunds/

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