BLUE-DYEING by Orsolya Fenyvesi

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Orsolya Fenyvesi

 Cloth dyers make

gestures of collapse.

Water moves towards the miracle,

where those dwell who

cannot comprehend its scope.

None shall find a home in colours,

but may take a rest in the sameness

of the faces and the tissue.


In each moment, there is a single lonely man

and his memories stretch the horizon into a ring.


Antique statues may live in garments,

but cloth dyers prefer to think of the blue

of drowned men.


When the seas are all erased,
the lonely man drops his skin.


A blossom drinks up all the fury.

 (translated from Hungarian by Zoltán Móra)


My name is Orsolya Fenyvesi, I’m a Hungarian poet, whose first book of poetry was published in 2013 under the title “The Animals in the Mirrors”. I was born in 1986, I live in Budapest, and currently I’m trying to engage myself in a poetic approach which connects nonsense, sensitivity and conceptual poetry.

Poetic Statement:

The pillars of my first book of poetry are two different constructions of memory, the personal  (i.e. the metamorphosis of common objects and everyday events achieved by juxtaposing them against poetic expressions of light and time) and the collective (i.e. historical and contemporary symbols and phenomena manifested through the metamorphosis of the speaker).I tend to create something new from the source of the already much used, remodificating past and future in the present, compressing history, hundreds of years into one single human experience.

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    […] BLUE-DYEING by Orsolya Fenyvesi. […]

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