am siren lo-fi by Billy Cancel

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am siren lo-fi     in lavender / out to grass     delete as     considered bit
of an all-star     a’int that the berries     would like to announce my
participation     in bright white wave     i.e bug hunting     perhaps
something to cabbage     or just banging away at old
forms          was dabble chipper     with ice cream habit     still went cafeteria
with co-pilot     in ultimate safety perfect zone     co-pilot     who when link went
nowhere     i paid off in the dark     my songs are messy
unsympathetic     to management “tone-from-the-top” gives    
me circus headache    
duplication     i don’t echo their
concern”     big blue machine
decrees CCTV little
bears come          restlessness
upon non-subscription     we have to consolidate work of secret
associations black lantern clubs     we must form     society of
young dogs     while at every thoroughfare
junction Government
leers & i ask passersby
“are you anywhere?”

Bio: Billy Cancel has recently appeared in Barzakh, Horseless Review & Counterexample Poetics. His latest body of work HEADLESS MULTI VS. PERPETUAL INTERFACE was published in April by Hidden House Press. Sound poems, visual shorts and other aberrations can be found at


Poetic Statement: These are micro climates, dear compounds, circuits torrid


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