‘a’ after Hexagram 29; The Abysmal Water by Gray Tolhurst

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after Hexagram 29; The Abysmal Water
Gray Tolhurst
you confronted goodness
(the ‘a’ carries)
between doubled bodies.

that name, water,
is locked, enclosed, repeated.

carrying through
the not-world.

the danger of that.


doubling the repeated
(the line and inner rise carrying)
means nothing.

in only fills meaning.

streams protect against the forward.


the protecting world, which makes ‘without’ what remains,
depends on within.

water develops,
it flows in sun.

properly the means make it the danger.
the measure.

likewise, occurrence,
the image occurs in that.


you foal.

the repeated. the image.

inner mountains form.
merely grow within the body.

material occurs, has natural light.

if flowing can be like it
with it, one and all.


ravine of light fills through/within “A”
this son.


brought and enclosed with the material
of mountains.

Bio: Gray Tolhurst is a writer/artist currently based in San Francisco,CA. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA and is currently pursuing his M.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. His poems have appeared in Transfer Magazine and online at The Writing Disorder and his first chapbook, the mountain, the desert, and the sea was released in November 2013 by Young Cloud Press.
Poetic Statement: His works utilize a synthesis of outmoded and modern technology in order to bridge the past and the future through the medium of the present. In this way, the works are both memories and premonitions.

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