Poetry by Ali Znaidi 

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Ali Znaidi 



deeply                                            breathe






to caress

the paper





the veins


perspire                                            inspire

& w/ the



Desire = = = P O E/M


[castration] [silencing] [weakening] [sterilization]

[deprivation] [maiming] [taming] [demonization]

[torturing] [persecution] [prosecution] [tormenting]

[manacling] [fettering] [hampering] [ shackling]

[ institution] [establishment] [ domination] [intimidation]

[browbeating] [beating] [eating] [milking]

[bludgeoning] [coercing] [dragooning] [terrorizing]


But remember there is a smouldering ember

(in your heart)

that is capable of thawing all kinds of cuffs—


brackets, b/r/o/k/e/n


a poetic lexicon


paper is like a playground waiting for innocent kids to caper

ink is the most sacred sweat, don’t you think?

rhyme is a dancing body’s heat combating icy rime

image is what you find in your mind’s attic after a good rummage

verse is that pearl you choose among precious stones, so diverse

simile is as sweet and beautiful as a certain winsome Emily

refrain is that lotion that lubricates the poem w/ the scents of rain

sound is that sweet tune of jubilant raindrops falling on a thirsty ground

musing is that moment of revelation that is deep & amusing

word is that far-fetched siren you bring from the realm of the absurd

strophe is when the caged bird repeats its tweets waiting for freedom trophy

poetry is a mesmerising Eve lying on the grass under an Eden’s fig tree

The Verse


The verse can be angelic

The verse can be perverse

The verse can be satanic

The verse can be diverse

The verse can shut up

The verse can converse

The verse can hide

The verse can traverse

The verse can reorder

The verse can reverse

The verse can be spontaneous

The verse can be transverse

The verse can be pleasant

The verse can be adverse

The verse can embody sameness

The verse can embody the obverse

Nothing can I say but,

‘long live the verse!’

‘long live the verse!’

‘the verse!’

A Poetic Statement:


Poetry: A Simplified Definition


Watered by blood and sweat,

Poetry is like a grain of wheat.

It only sprouts by spreading its spikes

in papers plowed by  a free bird’s tweet.

Originally appeared in on 27/06/2012

Bio:  Ali Znaidi (b.1977) lives in Redeyef, Tunisia where he teaches English. His work has appeared in The Rusty Nail, The Tower Journal, Mad Swirl, Stride Magazine, Red Fez, & other ezines. His debut poetry chapbook Experimental Ruminations was published in September 2012 by Fowlpox Press (Canada). From time to time he blogs at –

Deep Image

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Some Principles of Deep Image

as written in a letter to Robert Creeley November 14, 1960


Jerome Rothenberg

The poem is the record of a movement from perception to vision.

Poetic form is the pattern of that movement through space and time.

The deep image is the content of vision emerging in the poem.

The vehicle of movement is imagination.

The condition of movement is freedom.

The Poetics of Immersion

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Immersion Poetry

The Poetics of Immersion



Sentiment and Sensibility

 by Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

Withinside of experience is poetics

an unhidden poetry runs its course through occurrences

a further unhidden poetry has been handed down and lived in for centuries in myth, fable, folklore, philosophy, religion, worldview, and other notions often marked as ‘culture’

images have existed

images exist

images created are tangled with past images

ideas are images to be

images are ideas had

images are ideas being had

the image and idea (of the image) is the center of the poem

even when the poem has no center or focus, the image/idea is

a direction of a poem is an image

a whole piece can turn on a preposition

into (for example) is an image/idea immersed into the wordery of the poem

the wordery is the added imagery of words surrounding the essential image

a room described is often done so just to place in or out of it the agent or patient of the lines


a poem finds its place immersed into other poetry at all points

no words exist alone

there is no alone with words

a single word is a combination of concepts, idea, and (what) sensiment imag(in)es

sense is a two-way conduit for sentiment

sensiment(al) is the poet’s stock of ingredients, materials, detritus, etc for poetry

sensiment is found art

sensiment is art forced upon artist via life and the image/idea occurring and being processed


the poem occurs within the overall web of poetics/wordery/sensiment

poem as written/being written is an act of immersion (at times invasion)

poem inserts into web of myth and history and truth and wish and current events and the POP

the pop the today’s need for myth with truth being subjected to wish


the poem once inserted into the umbrella of wordery undergoes the next step which is to be immersed into the reader

the reader more properly defined is the perceiver of poetry

the perceiver once in contact with the poem is in the poem is withinside the occurrence of the piece

minimalism, distillation and small vocabulary further allow for an enmeshment with the poem once the perceiver is immersed in the poem

the poem immersed in the experience of the perceiver


immersion poetry is NOT conceptual poetry

concept is but an aspect of/step towards idea

immersion poetry is not found poetry

all poetry is found in the cosmic and psychic language of the real and irreal/subjunctive worlds

possibility is its own myth

wish is a pantheon governing the will


immersion poetry enters this world wrapped in other wordery

it comes through and with all art and all pop

it comes with myth attached

it comes via quote via reference naked but for the air it has relationship with

it comes knowing it itself is at times nothing  other than a paraphrase a para-image para-idea

it gives room for continuation

for communion

it gives

it is conversation

it hears

poems hear

it is called to respond

it responds to call

it calls for response

respond and correspond is immersion


it does by being allowed to do

to do is to be received

perception is reception where poetry is concerned

where poetry has flourished in its immersion

as but a petal coming from and returning to a mythic center