Three Poems by Tim MacKay

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Three Poems


Tim MacKay

to a sign
meant to wait
sing upon sight
four sore Sage eyes
on the thrown
out no anchor
horse heroine float
vigil & voice
accord or carry
water in words
worlds wade wander
full flung futures
cling sing be to
a sign


in pixels past
passion our war
drobes and drones
= infinite
when nows are night’s next
a collide a scope
against dawn low
hanging free (but) farther
figures dance
at finger fruit tips
for remixing a rerun
weigh word models
set us in morning
not herd nor here
to account for
costs of accosting
a tomb’s marrow
is our morrow mastered
or mask arcade
costume & cast kit
hybrid hour
time has come
back but boneless


truism lick spit
a street sweet girl mi-
nus a nosegay
pale glow who
knew why you ?
yolked blow & spray
2 86 words
4 “nervous” down ?
sin daisy knows
erectus bouquet
bounce bow to de
sign of a posy
spice spit a lap
dog art decorum
or rum or meat
mercury rinse
gutter or stage
an ornament of the worm
fever felt drama-
mine won’t decay
forever florid

Poetry that interests me and what I try to adhere to in my work is a poetry that eschews and challenges normative and easy syntax and grammar and shoots for a radical enjambment of loaded ideas through puns and sounds forcing and patterns of (dis)connections. (No prose poetry is a steadfast rule for me.)


I currently live in Toronto where I work for a small non-profit publisher and create analog collages when I’m not walking my dogs. (You can find my artwork here: http://heavenforahelmet.tumblr.com/ ) My poetry has been published in DitchPoetry.com, Guerilla Pamphlets, and Take It To The Streets Poetry.

CLick here to read the chapbook The Lie of The Land