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BIRTH, by Jackson Pollack
by K. M. Douglas

BIRTH, by Jackson Pollack

Can’t remember so captured so candid in light under splashes
Been up again, tall rag pipes loathe quizzically
& the strangest one of all stank like bedrise in a morning known
for chemicals. Too much less now gene low dieoptics
Care-a-plied knocketernal carnivorous/nerve/ending
Naked Man.
cood tail heights jett sold in tanglewood mesas
Birdstones mask in rapture fathomed
brought forth mind tamely, seen first looking up

Out of the Web Wyoming is dying
distance talk open buried scent bloom
nothing appears
Bride endle sped clay cracks dust
calm stale core
Out of the web nothing appears
ism-is-mated, Guardians of the Secret.
Autumn Rhythm. Number 27, 1950.



K. M. Douglas grew up in Northeast Ohio and studied creative writing at The Ohio State University. He lives in Rainer, Washington with his wife, cat and dog. Cities of Blood, K. M.’s first published book of poetry, is available for Kindle. His first novel is In the Place Where There is No Darkness, a dystopian look at America through the eyes of the son of a suicidal ex-Army Ranger.

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